Our Story

The founders of Omella and Remind

Why Omella exists

Sarah Cooper, Executive Director of Join the League and Omella customer since 2019.

Omella makes it easy for mission driven organizations to collect and manage money on one seamless product.  We learned how complex and time consuming it was by speaking with 1000's (literally, 1000's) of customers like Sarah Cooper (left).

Brett & David Kopf, Founders of Omella

They told us that collecting money online shouldn't have to be this frustrating and expensive, and that they wished they could spend their time on things they loved, like impacting members and growing their organization.

In 2019 we started Omella to help them do just that.

Who we are

We’re brothers (can you tell?) who have dedicated our entire career to helping people who are making a real impact in their local communities. We live in Colorado but grew up in the public education system on the North side of Chicago.

Our journey started in 2011 when we founded Remind.com, used by over 30 million teachers, students, parents, schools, clubs and PTA's to stay connected. We currently serve on the board of directors.

Focus on your mission, not collecting money.

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