Run your Microschool

Omella is an easy-to-use Microschool platform that lets you accept anything from a $10,000 tuition payment to $5 donation while saving $1,000’s in credit card fees and 100’s of hours per month.

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Organizations using Omella save ____ for every $___ they collect.

Payment Plans
Ticket sales
Digital signatures
Designed for microschools.

Payments, Forms & Waivers

Omella helps you focus on strategic efforts to grow and improve your school, instead of administrative day-to-day operations by removing manual forms, physical checks, processing fees and managing multiple systems.

You can also use our Free Microschool Templates (enrollment forms, registration packets, parent commitment forms etc...) to save time.

Save time.


Whether you are starting your Microschool from scratch or have 50 students and multiple systems, Omella handles all the complexity of accepting payments, registration information and waivers in one, easy-to-use product. You can ask questions, offer payment plans for tuition and view simple reports instantly. If you have questions, please reach out to!

Look professional

Collect More, Faster.

You can setup your account in minutes and offer parents flexible tuition plans (pay $5,000 or $500/mo for 10 months) with custom branded payment pages.

Omella supports multiple payment methods - Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit or Debit Card and over 5,000 national and local banks via ACH bank transfer, so parents can feel confident when paying tuition. All payments on Omella are encrypted, secure and have SSL.

Designed for Microschools

We started Omella after speaking to 100's of Microschool leaders. Every one of them had consistent frustrations: it takes me so much time to manage all the administrative tasks of starting and scaling a small Microschool and I'm paying expensive fees. That's why we built Omella - it's  designed to save you time and save you money so you can focus on leading your Microschool.

Whether you are collecting money for tuition, asking questions for enrollment information, selling tickets, or collecting parent signatures, you can do it all on Omella.

-Brett and David Kopf, Omella founders (and creators of!)

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Remove complexity

We bring together everything needed to easily accept payments, ask questions and collect digital signatures. No coding required.

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Everything you need in one place

Touchless payments with QR codes
Export to CSV
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Single and multiple choice questions
Payment links and embeddable pages
Branded receipts and payment pages
Notification summaries
Automatic unpaid reminders
Automatic withdrawals
Automatic tax filing
Recurring subscriptions and donations
Digital signatures
Free ACH eCheck processing
Smart failure retries

Focus on your mission, not collecting money.

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